4/29/2012 – Equanimity

Jackie brought our focus to the fourth Brahma Vihara, Equanimity, centering on a talk titled “Equanimity – Meeting in the Middle, by Joseph Goldstein, from April 2012, at the Forest Refuge.


As with all the Brahma Viharas, the meditative practice which fosters equanimity often makes use of the heartfelt iteration of traditional phrases.  Here are phrases for the cultivation of equanimity, should you wish to explore them.

Equanimity phrases

Joy and sorrow arise and pass away. This is part of the journey.

Whether I understand it or not, things are unfolding according to a lawful nature.

Things are just as they are right now.

May I accept this just as it is.

May I accept/open to how it is right now.

No matter how I might wish things to be otherwise, things are as they are.

May my heart be at ease with the outer/inner changing conditions of life.

May my heart incline towards equanimity.

04/22/12 – Further Concentration

To explore further dimensions of concentration, Michael used a part of a talk by Joseph Goldstein as well as extracts from Henapola Gunaratana’s book on the jhanas, “Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English.”  Joseph’s talk is one of a series of 46 that he gave over the years, methodically going through the Satipatthana Sutta, the basic text on mindfulness (all of which can be found at <dharmaseed.org>.  We listened to minutes 14:26 – 44:37.

Concentration II – from Factors of Awakening, Joseph Goldstein


04/08/12 – Big Mind

Nancy focused our practice with a guided meditation on “Big Mind”.  Joseph Goldstein once described this as a meditation with a Tibetan Buddhist style, a Zen name, developed and most often taught by Vipassana teachers.    There are many versions by many teachers available to stream or download at <dharmaseed.org>

Here is the link to one by Joseph.  Click the title or paste in the link below

Big mind


04/01/12 – Daily Practice of the Path

Michael hosted a discussion on opportunities and frameworks for enhancing our daily practice of the Eightfold Path, centering on an excerpt from a dharma talk titled “Crossing the Flood” by Andrea Fella.  We listened from minute  1:16 through minute 20:14.  The entire talk can be found at