6/24/2012 – Papanca and Metta

This Sunday, Michael played portions of a talk by John Peacock, on Papanca, the tendency  of the mind to proliferate apparently random thoughts, and the practice of Metta meditation, and ways in which that might serve to tame the very basis of Papanca.

The complete talk is titled Papanca Part Three:  The Brahma Viharas, was delivered on Muly 8 2011, and can be found at


The Metta Sutta, which John quoted and entered into our discussion can be found at


6-17-2012 – non-self

Sam brought a talk by John Peacock on anatta, often translated non-self, which cast a backward glance toward the five aggregates, exploring how none of them constitute a self, and how clinging to identification with any of them leads to distress.  Peackock’s talk, given on July 6, 2011, is the second of three relating to Papanca, random mental proliferations, and is titled “Papanca Part Two:  The Tyranny of the Self,” and can be found on dharmaseed.com.


The third of his talks will be our subject for next Sunday.

6/10/2012 – the Five Aggregates, two reflections and meditations

Our day-long retreat was structured around experiencing the five aggregates, and included yoga and sensory awareness, as well as two reflections/meditations on the aggregates

Pascal Auclair    Morning Instructions – Five Aggregates       2012 – 01/04


and  Myoshin Kelley  Guided Meditation on the Five Aggregates   2007 – 10/12


Information about the practice of Sensory Awareness can be found at