Welcome to the Burlington, Vermont Buddhist Sangha. We are a discussion and practice group primarily based in the Insight Meditation (vipassana) school of Buddhism.

We meet Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Join us for meditation, dharma talk, discussion, and tea. You can find material from our past meetings in the Archive.

The Burlington Area Buddhist Fellowship is primarily a group of long-term dharma practitioners who meet to study, discuss, and practice together.

If you are interested in joining, please email us and let us know the nature of your past training or study of the dharma and your daily practice. Most of our gatherings are online, and this format makes it challenging for those with no experience to join our discussions. 

If you are a beginner, we have some courses of study available that provide an avenue to join the conversation; let us know if you are interested in such a course.

The nature of a Sangha is to be inclusive and, we believe, to actively work toward equality. To that end, we have collected some resources which you may find useful regarding anti-racism on a dedicated page.

Recent talks

Learning from Nature

Don Skidmore, drawing from a talk by Brian LeSage, guided our reflections this Sunday, exploring different ways in which we enrich our practice and our life when we connect with nature as family rather than as spectacle, perhaps even choosing nature as our preferred locale for meditation. . . . Or . . .How to […]

Wise Effort, shaping our energy

This Sunday Margaret guided our reflections on Wise Effort, drawing on a talk by Christina Feldman. In a path that is often interpreted to caution against striving, even in pursuit of awakening, it is remarkable how often the Pali words related to “Effort”, “Energy”, or “Diligence,”  appear in many places in Buddhist texts.  Right effort […]

Time and Self in search of Wise View

“If no one asks me what the time is, I know perfectly well what it is. But if someone asks me to explain it… I haven’t a clue.” – St. Augustine This weekend Eric had something a little different to share, beginning with a talk excerpt by physicist Carlo Rovelli, who speaks about time in […]