Welcome to the Burlington, Vermont Buddhist Sangha. We are a discussion and practice group primarily based in the Insight Meditation (vipassana) school of Buddhism. While we do not offer formal meditation instruction, all are welcome.

We meet Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Join us for meditation, dharma talk, discussion, and tea. You can find material from our past meetings in the Archive.

The nature of a Sangha is to be inclusive and, we believe, to actively work toward equality. To that end, we have collected some resources which you may find useful regarding anti-racism on a dedicated page.

Due to concerns about COVID19, our Sangha will be meeting online for the near future. You can join us by clicking the link in our weekly email. Please email us at burlingtonbuddhist@gmail.com to inquire about being added to the list.

Recent talks

Awareness and letting go

Last week we discussed the ways in which our illusory sense of self is reinforced by papanca, the mind’s tendency to proliferate thought unceasingly.  To anchor this week’s reflections, Eveline has chosen a talk by Mark Nunberg on ‘Establishing and Trusting Awareness.’         Awareness can reveal the ever-shifting conditions from which all experience unfolds, […]

Loosening the grip of the sense of self

Buddhist teachings point to “papanca” [pah PAHN chah], the naturally-occurring tendency of the mind to generate endless thoughts about one’s self. Joseph Goldstein offers a particularly penetrating in-depth analysis of papanca’s sources. The first is “craving”, the sense of “mine” (my thoughts, my feelings and so on). The second is “conceit,” the felt sense of “I am […]


On this first Sunday in the new year, we reflected on our aspirations. Remember when you first encountered the dharma? What was it that drew you in? What seemed valuable, useful, practical? What was your goal, your aspiration? Has that changed? Has it evolved? Were you looking for something new, something better, something more exciting […]