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Overwhelming emotions

Experiences we have and thoughts that we think can trigger strong emotions in our minds and bodies. Some of these feelings can be overwhelming. Paradoxically, these sensations can make it extremely difficult to notice the overwhelm, instead causing us to react in increasingly unskillful ways. In this week’s Sangha, Payton explored the challenging practice ofContinue reading “Overwhelming emotions”

Seeking and Finding Refuge in Today’s Dharma

Refuge is a central concept in the path of liberation. Today Zac focused on the experience of refuge through personal experience and an exploration of teachings. The talk we listened to was an excerpt from an audio book called “Truly Seeing” by Thich Nhat Hanh. Here’s a link to the audio book on Amazon: The fiveContinue reading “Seeking and Finding Refuge in Today’s Dharma”

Looking at the Unseen: Whiteness as Maya, the Veil of Illusion

Jeffrey followed Mike B.’s presentation of Reverend angel Kyodo williams’ talk on the theme of Practice, Justice, and Social Change with a continued focus on racial justice and the experience of being white. We watched the video Color of Fear, in which a multi-racial group of men confront a white man’s blindness to his ownContinue reading “Looking at the Unseen: Whiteness as Maya, the Veil of Illusion”

Hardcore pragmatic dharma

A recent and increasingly popular trend in Buddhism is “pragmatic” or “hardcore” Buddhism as exemplified by the teachings of Daniel Ingram.    Sam guided our exploration of this development by playing excerpts of video interviews with Ingram as well as some short readings from his book “Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, An UnusuallyContinue reading “Hardcore pragmatic dharma”

Samatha practice

This week’s Sangha explored Samatha, which, broadly speaking, is the practice of meditation with the intention of developing calm and tranquility.  Samatha is one of the key approaches to Samadhi, often translated as “concentration”, but better be thought of “a state of collectedness”.  Margaret skillfully led the session, including a guided meditation by Chas Dicapua,Continue reading “Samatha practice”


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