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Learning from Nature

Don Skidmore, drawing from a talk by Brian LeSage, guided our reflections this Sunday, exploring different ways in which we enrich our practice and our life when we connect with nature as family rather than as spectacle, perhaps even choosing nature as our preferred locale for meditation. . . . Or . . .How to […]

Wise Effort, shaping our energy

This Sunday Margaret guided our reflections on Wise Effort, drawing on a talk by Christina Feldman. In a path that is often interpreted to caution against striving, even in pursuit of awakening, it is remarkable how often the Pali words related to “Effort”, “Energy”, or “Diligence,”  appear in many places in Buddhist texts.  Right effort […]

Time and Self in search of Wise View

“If no one asks me what the time is, I know perfectly well what it is. But if someone asks me to explain it… I haven’t a clue.” – St. Augustine This weekend Eric had something a little different to share, beginning with a talk excerpt by physicist Carlo Rovelli, who speaks about time in […]


Urgency is all around us. For some people at some times, it is ever-present in our minds and can be overwhelming. Other people at other times may find that it is merely a backdrop of life that rises and falls with our daily experience. Either way, a sense of urgency is typically a product of […]

Buddha Nature

The roots of the idea of one’s Buddha Nature are to be found in Early Buddhism; its flowering, in the Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Zen. What is this elusive quality of Being which grounds Awakening, and allows us to step forth into a kind of freedom that’s deeply connected to all the world? Michael guided our […]

Making Skillful Decisions

This Sunday, the purpose of our meeting was to arrive at the best ways to sustain and carry forward the work of our sangha, in ways that benefit all. Sam framed our meeting with reflections from Shaila Catherine about dharmic perspectives on arriving at skillful decisions.  You can listen to Shaila Catherine’s talk here: In […]

The Crucial Importance of Intentions

Intentions are important, even critical. In our criminal justice system, a trial attempts to ascertain the intentions of the perpetrator. In our everyday relationships our intentions can be obvious at times we wish that they were not. Buddhism treats intentions as crucial to our success along the path. This week, Jeff facilitated an exploration of […]

Bringing Sila and the Precepts into Life

What does it mean to have your life become the practice and the practice to become your life? How do you do that? Leslie Booker gives a talk about how she has incorporated sila and the Five Precepts to be her north star and how living from the mindset of sila embodies a life lived […]

Refreshing and Renewing your Practice

Almost everyone in our sangha has been practicing long enough to hit a dry patch, where meditation becomes dull and routine.  But then something happens that renews our practice. We go on retreat; we change our method in big ways or small.  Perhaps we take a vow, or discover an ancient mantra’s power.  Someone close to us […]

Navigating the Dark Ages

How do we process and respond to increasing societal oppression and violence? What helps us transform the energies of fear, hatred and delusion. To help shed light on this discussion, this week Ron drew on a talk by Tara Brach, which you can view at the link below.


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