2/23/2014 – dukkha in the context of the three characteristics

Payton led our discussion on the concept of Dukkha, or unsatisfactoriness, in the context of the Three Characteristics (aka: Three Marks) of Existence. The Three being Impermanence, Dukkha, and Not-self.

The Trilogy of Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta – By Bhikkhu Bodhi

Ignorance functions in two ways, negative and positive. On the negative side it simply obstructs us from seeing things as they are; it throws up clouds of mental darkness. On the positive side, it creates in the mind illusions called perversions. Due to these perversions, we see things in quite the opposite way from the way they really are.

These perversions are:
(a) Perversion of seeing what is unattractive as attractive.
(b) Perversion of seeing what is Dukkha or unsatisfactory as pleasurable.
(c) Perversion of seeing what is impermanent as permanent.
(d) Perversion of seeing what is really not self as self.
These illusions give rise to craving, conceit, wrong view and all other defilements, and in that way we become entangled in dukkha.

These universal characteristics have to be understood in two stages: first intellectually, by reflection; and thereafter by direct insight or realisation [sic] through insight meditation.

The recorded talk was “The Three Characteristics of Existence: Suffering” by Shin Kwan Park: