Creative Engagement with the Eight Worldly Winds

Today Payton led a discussion on ways we can engage with the Eight Worldly Winds in a skillful manner, without being caught by the sense of self.

Here are some notes on the Winds:

Praise: there is a difference between accepting praise and needing it.

Blame: if someone blames me does it mean that they are blaming the whole of me?

Gain and Loss: having something does not necessarily say something about me; the loss of something does not take away from my sense of worth.

Pleasure and Pain: appreciate pleasant things knowing they will not last forever; don’t be afraid of painful things because they won’t last forever.

Fame and Disrepute: does my sense of self depend on fame? What can I learn from disrepute? Where does our sense of worth come from? Where does our sense of contentment come from?

Creatively engage with views, ideas, thoughts: We often think, “I am my thoughts. I propose my thoughts to somebody. If somebody rejects my thoughts, I think they are rejecting me.” When we feel that someone is refuting my whole being, then we get angry. But if instead we can remain open, not defensive, then a dialog develops and we may come to realize a new idea which is better than the first one.

The discussion was supported by a talk from Martine Bachelor, available on Dharmaseed here: