Freedom from inherent bias based on identity

This week, Lorilee led our Sangha discussion based on her current exploration of identity and bias in all types of relationships. She began by playing a brief video illustrating the layers of judgement we place on people and situations.

The video showed unsuspecting couples coming into a movie theater filled with tough-looking biker dudes and filmed their reaction to having to take the two remaining seats right smack in the middle of them; it is about judgement and identity.

Afterwards the discussion challenged us to explore awkwardness and discomfort; to engage with people we consider “others”. Who do we tend to socialize with, and who do you have a tendency not to socialize with? In challenging our inherent bias, it can be helpful to utilize Buddhist teachings about freedom and identity; to be proactive and expand our circle.

We also listened to an excerpt from Jack Kornfield’s talk at Spirit Rock entitled “Who Am I?”

Heart Wisdom – Ep. 67 – Who Am I?