Seeing as Meditation

This past week, Jeffrey presented the topic Seeing as Meditation. Drawing, in part, from Culadasa’s discussion of the balance between attention and awareness as the basis of mindfulness, we engaged with images to observe our process of perception.  Does this make it harder or easier to enter a non-dualistic connection with the object? Connections were also made to Michael A’s presentation of Rupert Spira’s work on non-duality. 

Jeffrey passed out prints of different types of paintings. Participants chose one at random and began the meditation by examining how mind gropes for meaning in what is perceived. One idea that emerged was that the paintings were so laden with meaning that something simpler… Rorschach blots… might have made for an easier start to the practice. 

We listened to a composite of parts of Rupert Spira’s talks on The Nature of Perception and Rilke and the Tantric Path.