Relaxing into our awakened state

     Zac led our session this Sunday, centering on Tilopa’s Mahamudra Instruction to Naropa, also known as The Ganges Mahamudra, which elucidates the path of relaxing into clarity, wisdom and our innate awakened state. 

The clip we listened to was  Jaya Rudgard reading Naropa’s Song to Tilopa from 2019-11-13 Doors To The Deathless 43:52   

The door of non-clinging is always open. Readings from verses on the Faith Mind and Tilopa’s “Song Of The Maharudra”

Insight Meditation Society – Retreat Center :  Three-Month Retreat – Part 2

We started listening at minute 28

The text of Naropa’s Song to Tilopa can be found here and here

Some definitions of Mahamudra:

Mahāmudrā literally means “great seal” or “great imprint” and refers to the fact that “all phenomena inevitably are stamped by the fact of wisdom and emptiness inseparable”. (Gampopa’s Mahamudra: The Five Part Mahamudra of the Kagyus by Tony Duff – via Wikipedia)

Mahamudra: The special nonconceptual meditation that is a specialty of the Kagyu lineage. Mahamudra was developed by the Indian mahadissas Saraha, Shacvaripa, Maitripa, and Tilopa (Modern Tantric Buddhism by Justin von Bujdoss)

Mahamudra: Literally, “Great Seal”; meditation on the mind’s innate clarity (Psychology of Buddhist Tantra by Rob Preece)