Skillful speech in stressful times

Skillful speech is an important part of the Path and a precept for many practitioners. Unfortunately, many of us have developed less skillful communications habits which deliver less desirable outcomes.

This week, Jeff H built on a theme that Joey started last year, learning the skills of mindful speech as outlined by Oren Jay Sofer. We listened to a Dharma talk by Oren which was given shortly before the release of his excellent book, “Say What You Mean”. This practice may be particularly helpful now with many of us using remote rather than in-person communication and plenty of challenging emotions in the mix.

The talk is available here:

Several people also mentioned a Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield online retreat, which you can find more information about here:

Also mentioned was a regular daily reflection and meditation provided by Insight Meditation Society, where many of us regularly take retreats. These reflections are led by Chas DiCapua, which you may want to access during the current situation, drawing on the wisdom of the Early Buddhist tradition.  The following link will provide you with more information about those talks:

Finally, Joey wanted to share this link to Tricycle Magazine’s free online practice sessions: