Comfortable with Uncertainty

From the first noble truth onward, the dharma invites us to be comfortable with what makes us uncomfortable—and in these times, uncertainty looms large for many.  This week, Ginny guided our reflections on meeting uncertainty, drawing on the words and work of Pema Chodron, Katherine Thanas and angel Kyodo Williams.  As Thanas reminds us,  “Working with whatever comes up, not viewing anything as an interruption or hindrance in our lives, we come to see whatever arises as our life.”

Here is the link to angel Kyodo williams’ brief instruction on what she calls “SKY” (Self-care, Kindness, and Yearning).

We also were given writing prompts after our sitting, which was a surprisingly impactful experience. Those prompts are:

I yearn for…
What matters most to me is…

Some books that were recommended during the discussion: