Being fully here in the presence of racism

This Sunday’s sangha continued our dialog on the important theme of race which has been a deep topic of the past few weeks. Jeff H shared a recent talk by Tara Brach titled “A Courageous Presence with Racism.”

Jeff says,

The topic is important to me. I have black family members and coworkers about whom I care, but have not taken personal action to end racism and heal America. I thought that it was enough to just not be a racist. I am ready to take action in the hope that my 9-year-old nephew may have a brighter future than he would under the status quo. It is important for me as a practitioner and member of the Sangha to do the inner work necessary to take skillful action. Together we stand a better chance of getting it “more right” so I welcome the continued dialog.

The link to the Tara Brach talk is here:

A recent reading list of books on issues of race:

A short piece written by a white man with black family members: “Dear White People: 6 Guidelines for Impactful Actions in Support of the Black Community”: