The Freedom Awareness Brings

We seem to have become a species lost in thought and fueled by unskillful exterior influence.  We may have little control over the events of our lives… but we do have some capacity to be at peace – depending on our relationship with what we experience.  

This Sunday we explored “Freedom of Awareness” with Mark Coleman, who describes how ‘being the knowing’ allows us to be at ease with what is happening around us.  This style of relating to our experience allows us to see our patterns of reactivity and delusion.  The more we take refuge in awareness, the more likely we are to be at peace.

Evelien facilitated a discussion aimed to turn the lens from the object of our thoughts to the awareness of being aware, the knowing of seeing.  

“Awareness is the foundation of kindness; kindness is the expression of awareness.  When we’re really present to something, we often find we’re in connection with it, we appreciate it.”    

6th Zen Patriarch

You can listen to the talk here: