What keeps us from being truly alive?

Much of the time, as we see life through a lens of our perceptions and thoughts, we are so caught up in our mind’s stories and made-up reality, that we can’t see things as they really are. There is great freedom in being able to let go of long held, distorted views; and there is great liberation available when we can be intimate and honest with ourselves—connecting not only to ourselves, but also to other beings and to the earth. 

Dharma Teacher Kaira Jewel Lingo brings a new focus to cultivating Right View through Deep Listening.  Evelien led our discussion this past week on drawing on our innate capacity to practice such Listening and experience the clarity it can bring.

The played talk can be heard here:

Eveline began our meditation by inviting us to bring into our hearts and minds an attitude of kindness, which had an effect on a number of people in the sangha.  Michael let her know that he had at hand a copy of the poem “Kindness,” by Naomi Shihab Nye, and Eveline requested that it be read.  Several people asked where they might find this poem, which is often read in spiritual circles of all kinds.  Among many places, “Kindness” appears in her first collection of poetry, Different Ways to Pray

A video of the poet herself reading it can be found here: