The Three Keys

At the heart of the Buddha’s understanding and practice are the Marks of Existence, the three characteristics that are true of all things: the normality of suffering, the pervasiveness of change, and the absence of an enduring individual self.  As excerpts from several talks selected by Sam demonstrated this Sunday, we can return to these insights again and again, each time encountering fresh perspectives that arrest the mind and heal the heart.

The full talks are linked below.

Kamala Masters 2017-12-08 46:38

46:38 Part 2 – The Three Universal Marks of Existence

Perth, Australia: Perth Insight Meditation Retreat

John Peacock 2011-07-03 45:43

45:43 What is this Path of Mindfulness?

Gaia House: The Path of Mindfulness

Howard Cohn 2011-01-07 65:43

65:43 Song of Awakening: Confronting the Three Marks of Existence

Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Monday and Wednesday Talk