Right Action Here; Right Action Now

There is comfort in the dharma’s ability to remain relevant and impactful over thousands of years. Yet while these seemingly timeless universal truths can anchor our navigation of the life experience, at times it can be important, if not essential, to pause and consider how the teachings pertain to the uniqueness of life on earth at this moment. This week’s presentation examined one practice of the Eightfold Path that especially benefits from consideration of these dual perspectives: Right Action.  

Andrea drew from talks by Andrea Fella and Jill Shepard to provide a brief overview of Right Action, offer its basic historical foundation, and translate the intentions into modern day application. Selected subtopics of moral weight, vegetarianism, and an expanded understanding of abstaining from stealing complicate our thinking on Right Action in contemporary times.

Here are the three talks about Right Action excerpted today:

Andrea Fella, Wise Action Part 1:

Andrea Fella, Wise Action 2:

Jill Shepard: