Liberation and Interconnection

Steve was this Sunday’s Topic and Presenter. He drew on a talk by Jack Kornfield, in which Jack fearlessly confronts some of the most difficult and divisive issues afflicting our society and reminds us:

“The inner practice of liberation is not an individual matter. One of the deepest realizations that comes when we meditate, as we pay attention, as we live a life of care and loving awareness, is the growing sense of interdependence. There is no separation between our body and the body of the earth. The minerals of the soil make up our wheat and our bones, the storm clouds become our drinks and our blood, the oxygen from the trees and forests is the air we breathe. The human community is equally interconnected. If we meet together in harmony and respect, care for the vulnerable among us, tend to the environment, and respect our citizens and neighbors, we will thrive and prosper.”

You can listen to Jack’s talk here: