What the Earth can Teach us about Equanimity

Eveline guided our reflections this Sunday, exploring how we can learn a lot about being equanimous by investigating our interbeing with the earth.
      The Buddha often remarked that the earth accommodates everything that happens to it without reactivity: it is whole and equanimous.  We often feel we need to find our way back to the earth, when really we have never been separated from it, as the wave is never separate from the ocean.
      If we want a peaceful world, we need to be peaceful people—to find inner quiet, with a heart as wide as the world.
      In honor of Earth Day, we explored these the deep, intimate, and expansive connections, drawing from Eveline’s framing perspective, excerpts from a talk by Howard Cohn, and our own shared inquiry.

You can listen to Howard’s talk here:

Earth Poem by Bhaswat Chakraborty: