Nature’s beauty and our vulnerability

In the beauty and poignancy of spring we can become deeply aware of the beauty of the changes around us. Can we take in this beauty in a way that helps us accept the natural changes of our mind-body and the mind-bodies around us as another deeply beautiful process? One that could bring us to a place of peace and understanding? What habits might prevent us from doing this? What lovely qualities would support this aspiration?

Christina Feldman defines Dukkha as vulnerability and also as a moment of standing at a crossroads. We can choose to follow our habits and find ourselves again and again in a familiar place of distress or we can choose to follow a path that “is actually concerned with cultivating the lovely…”  One of these “lovely qualities” is joy (Piti), such as joy in the beauty of nature and its changes. 

Darryl guided our reflections this Sunday as we listened to and discussed excerpts from two Christina Feldman talks (including words from Chris Cullen).

You can listen to the talks here: