Sam hosted this session on Freedom, with differing perspectives offered by three dharma teachers: Jack Cornfield, Tara Brach, and Christina Feldman.

“A Taste of Freedom”,  Christina Feldman, 12-27-08,  [0:00—1:38 and 9:38-19:37].

“The Great Perfection: The Taste of Freedom”,  Tara Brach, 10-5-99, [0:00-22:01].

“Freedom and the Way it is…”, Jack Kornfield, 9-6-10,  [10:53-15:52].

11/1/2015 – Stream Entry (1)

Michael guided our reflections today with a talk on Stream Entry, the first definitive stage of Awakening, after which there is really no turning back.

A variety of canonical readings on Stream Entry can be found at

The story of Siddhartha’s bowl floating upstream can be found in

The Buddhacarita  or  Acts of the Buddha, Asvaghosa,

available on line at

and in

The Hungry Tigress, Buddhist Legends and Jataka Tales, Rafe Martin, (Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1990)

6/14/2015 – Addiction

Wendy Guided our reflections this morning, anchoring the discussion in Tara Brach’s talk “Freedom from Addiction.”  As Brach sees it, Addiction is a version of the Tanha or Thirst or Craving that the Buddha identified as the cause of suffering in the Second Noble Truth.  We reflected on addictions from email checking to substance abuse, and explored the relation of psychology to dharma.

To access Tara Brach’s talk, which includes two guided meditations, click

6/7/2015 – Sangha

As our sangha met for the first time in our new location in the Lojong Space, Payton guided our reflections on Sangha, the sense of community that spreads from those seriously committed to the Buddhist path out to include all those we interact with, and finally to a sense of connection with the population of the world at large.  Serving to center the discussion were excerpts from  a talk by Oren Sofer on a visit to Vermont, titled “Sangha Refuge and the Relational Field of Practice.  This talk can be found at

5/31/2015 – Generosity & Graditude

In our final meeting at Nancy’s Studio, Margaret guided our reflections on the twinned themes of Generosity and Gratitude.  These were, needless to say, deeply appropriate themes, since the sangha is deeply grateful for Nancy’s generosity in providing this beautiful space in which our sangha has met for the last several years.  Our reflections were enhanced by excerpts from a talk by Kamala Masters, which you can access here

5/10/2015 – Not-Self: Through the Looking Glass

Michael guided our reflections today, centering on a Dharma talk by artist and dharma teacher Marcia Rose, from the Forest Refuge, in which she explored the elusive and central experience of Not-Self in Buddhist practice.  Each time we look at this topic, different perspectives seem to be revealed, which is perhaps why Rose titles her talk “Through the Looking Glass.”

4/26/2015 – Nirvana

The topic today was Nirvana, and Sam guided our reflections on this topic which, by definition, is beyond words and thoughts.  Still, we had a fruitful exploration, as Sam shared excerpts from several different dharma teachers and sages on the topic, including

“Nirvana and Transcendence” by Rob Burbea


“Your Original Face” by Stephen Batchelor (4/19/2013).