7/7/2013 – Equanimity (10th Parami)

Sam led our session on the Tenth (and final) Perfection – Equanimity, drawing on many sources.

Christina Feldman’s talk on Equanimity from January 2 of this year can be found at

from which were excerpted: 14:38-37:02 and 48:39-end.    Highlights were:  Mustard seed story starting at 22:20, “…you must be a dog” starting at 27: 38, Billy Collins poem “Another Reason I Don’t Keep a Gun in the House”, starting at 29:53, and the Udana sutta:  starting at 59:50.
We closed with a “Guided Equanimity Meditation” by Lila Kate Wheeler,

Also distributed was a “handout” was found on Wikipedia’s entry for “Equanimity”,  ref. no. 4;  from Gil Fronsdal.

And wrapping up the bundle of sources was a poem by Edward Espe Brown in “The Complete Tassajara Cookbook”,  p. 242:

The truth is you’re already a cook.
Nobody teaches you anything,
but you can be touched, you can be awakened.
When you put down the book and start asking,
“What have we here?” You come to your senses.
Though recipes abound, for soups and salads,
bread and entrees, for getting enlightened
and perfecting the moment, still
the unique flavor of Reality
appears in each breath, each bite,
each step, unbound and undirected.
Each thing just as it is,
What do you make of it?