8/11/2013 – The Dhammapada

Payton guided our reflections today on the Dhammapada, a central book in the Buddhist canon, well characterized in the words of Jack Kornfield, which Payton quoted:

“These teachings are as true now as the moment they were offered from
the Buddha’s own lips. One page, one verse alone, as the power to
change your life. Do not merely read these words but take them in
slowly, savor them. Let them touch your heart’s deepest wisdom. Let
your understanding grow. Seeing what is true, put these words into
practice. Then, as the text says, let the fragrance of your virtue
spread farther than the smell of rosebay and jasmine, farther than
even the winds can blow. Let the practice release your heart from
fear. Let the quieting of your mind and the clear seeing of the truth
release you from confusion and clinging.”

Excerpts from talks by Gil Fronsdal, who recently translated the Dhammapada, highlighted different perspectives from which to engage with it

1. Dhammapada Discussion, Part 1:
2. Dhammapada Discussion, Part 2:

(not included because of time constraints, but worth a listen is Gil’s talk on the Dharma of the Dhammapada

Further discussion was sparked by comparing Gil’s translation to Ajahn Thanissaro’s, which Nancy had brought along, available in print and also by clicking