11/2/2014 – Mindfulness 2 – a radical new approach

Michael guided our explorations today, which were centered around the teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, the contemporary Burmese meditation master who in the lineage of teaching Vipassana to lay people, begun by Mahasi Sayadaw in the mid 20th century.  Instead of focusing on mindfulness of body (kayanupassana – breath, posture, sensations such as hearing, etc.), the focus here is on mindfulness of mind states (cittanupassana), the third foundation of Mindfulness.

A talk by Ashin Tejaniya, translated entirely into English by MaThet, which covers most of the basics of this reorientation can be found at

And the ‘punctuated meditation’ we used, in which Sayadaw dropped reminders into a recent morning meditation at IMS, can be found here – an interesting way to bring the mind back to this new style of Mindfulness.

Free downloadable teachings and books by Ashin Tejaniya can be found at

A good place to begin might be with the reminder sheet on Right Attitude and the book of conversations with students titled Awareness Alone is Not Enough.