Intimate Relationships

Lorilee led our exploration of ways in which the dharma can illuminate our intimate relationships this past Sunday.  Drawing on the work of Israeli teacher Zohar Lavie, as well as Americans Tara Brach and Steven Cope, we explored ways in which intimate relationships can offer a clear lens with which to examine the nature of ’selfing’, just as clearly as silent sitting can explore it.  Then we looked into the ways in which diminished attention spans undermine both serious dharma practice and intimate relationships, exploring ways to lengthen and strengthen our attentional connections.  Throughout, the matter of what it took to be a committed and skilled listener provided a thread that united our explorations. 

Here’s a link to the talk by Zohar Levie:

And here’s a link to Tara Brach’s talk:

Steven Cope’s book is “The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living”