Thoughts Think Themselves

This Sunday Jeffrey presented the topic, “Thoughts Think Themselves”. He presented a quick review of the work of Robert Wright, Why Buddhism Is True, and an article by Max Bertolero and Danielle Basset, “How Matter Becomes Mind”, Scientific American, July 2019. These sources describe “modular” models of the mind, with the overall “managing” function performed by the evolutionarily late frontalparietal control module. Examining the modular nature of the mind can help one better understand and experience the “self” as a fragmented group of connected modules, rather than a single entity.

We listened to a talk by Gil Fronsdal, The Web of Thoughts.

We meditated with the intent of identifying how thoughts arise, and how we become attached to them. 

“When you start doing this, you’ll begin to notice that your thoughts never just appear all at once fully verbalized. They start out much more nebulous.” -Sit Down and Shut Up,  2007 by Brad Warner