True Refuge in Times of war

Perhaps all of us have encountered people in our lives that seem to radiate acceptance, peace and good will. We may seek out their presence, teachings, or look to reminders of them, during times of strife.  But what if we ourselves could each become an oasis during hard times—not by denying suffering, but by looking right at it, and choosing to cultivate love and compassion in the face of pain?

Lorilee guided our reflections on this significant possibility this week.  She drew on Jack Kornfield’s reflections about what he learned during time spent with Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the foremost teachers in our lifetime, who always emphasized why the art of Being Peace is an imperative during war times. Then, Tara Brach’s perspective led us into an experience of establishing True Refuge within ourselves, bring a smile to our eyes, lips and heart—so sorely needed in this world, in these times.

You can listen to Jack Kornfield’s talk here:

The meditation from Tara Brach is available here: