We usually associate change with lots of moving around, but deep change comes through stillness. It’s associated with pleasure – not sense pleasure but heart pleasure. It’s a shift to learn to pause and lift from the engagement.

Citta (heart/mind) qualities come through in this stillness and we can meet what arises with openness and goodwill. At some point in our practice, heart/mind takes on an energy of its own. We no longer sneak a look at our watch as we sit. Things quiet down but there is still a lot going on. We breathe or are we “being breathed?” We feel a bigger landscape. The stillness carries us along and we need to care for it and not stir things up. We can sit without effort. Our posture improves on its own. It is a long time between thoughts.

Don S. guided our Sangha this Sunday, examining the nature of stillness, accompanied by a talk from Ajahn Sucitto, which you can listen to at the link below: