10/28/2012 – The Five Spiritual Strengths

This Sunday Michael, as a balance to the Five Hindrances and a bridge to the Seven Factors of Awakening, introduced an excerpt from Steve Armstrong’s talk on A Lifestyle of Awareness, which focuses on the Five Strengths: Confidence Energy Mindfulnes Concentration and Wisdom.  We listened to and discussed the first thirty minutes, which addressed Confidence/Faith  and Energy.  The whole talk can be found here:

(Originally, another talk had been announced for the day – Adrienne Ross’s discussion of the Five Jhanic Factors and how each of them addressed a particular hindrance.  Upon reviewing that talk, it seemed that it retraced much ground covered by the Hindrance presentations of the previous weeks, and so the topic was switched.  For those interested in reviewing the hindrances with a fresh twist to , here’s the link to Adrienne’s talk.