9/8/2013 – Aging & Illness 2

This Sunday, Nancy guided our reflections in three ways, focusing on ways to meet aging and illness in the most awakened ways possible.  First were excerpts from videos from Stephen and Ondrea Levine, longtime teachers on this topic, now experiencing chronic illnesses themselves .  Second, we paired up and shared an exercise in the Ah breath, a way of exploring letting go more profoundly.  And third, we closed with a guided meditation from Ayya Khema’s “Who is Myself?”         Here are links to those resources:

Stephen and Ondrea Levine talks on illness, fear, pain and buddhist practice of mindfulness and forgiveness



AH Breath
Stephen Levine poem on the body
Who is MySelf? ISBN # 0 -86171-127-0  author Ayya Khema p. 169 “Loving Kindness Meditation- Joy and Love


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