11/23/2014 – Energy 1: Finding Sources of Energy Within

Nancy framed our session today with multiple short talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, which focused our attention on skillful ways to discover where energy is needed in our individual meditations, and then finding ways to cultivate those particular energies.  Each of his three talks were about 16 minutes long and all can be found on Thanissaro’s website at

Go to Talks -> Talk Collections (on dropdown Menu) -> Seven factors for Awakening (on the next dropdown Menu).    The talks we heard today are (in the order we heard them)

-under The Five Strengths, “Generating Energy”

-under The Seven Factors for Awakening, “Persistence”

-under The Basics, #49 “Wise Effort”

. . . . . .  As you can see, there is a wealth of Dhamma to listen to here, a worthy bookmark to be sure.